Why Consider Being A Professional Trucker With Instavans?

What comes to your mind when you think of being a trucker? Well, we are sure that most of you would think of driving a big truck loaded with goods and products, restless driving chores, annoying customers and no personal life at all.

Logistics Management

However, professional trucker’s life is nothing what you actually perceive it to be. In fact, like any other profession, professional truckers also have a pleasing job experience.
True, as a trucker one has to be devoted, hard working and more diligently – but it also comes with a sense of adventure as you get to travel from one location to another, and meet new random people.
Working as a professional trucker at Instavans too has its own perks and benefits, which we are going to highlight below. Have a look:
Quick and Handsome Money: We run professional logistics and transportation service in Bangalore and for the same, we believe in paying the right remuneration to our truckers. We give you an insight about the deals coming your way, so you know what you truly deserve. You get to earn quick and decent money with your hard work. The quality of work and meeting deadlines sure have their own perks.
Work Life Balance: Most truckers feel that with online pickup booking, there is nothing like personal life. Well, again; we blame it on the poor handling of local logistics services. At Instavans, we make sure that all our truckers enjoy a work-life balance and for the same, we have brought in flexible hours of working in accordance with truckers’ availability and interest.
Revenue Predictability: Another advantage of being a trucker with Instavans is the fact that with us you know what you will be getting paid for. You are put on the same page, which allows you to analyse the revenue to be generated.
If you have the potential in you that take to be a good trucker, you know where to proceed!



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